Don't be a store snob

Like me, do you frequent the same handful of shops everytime you go to your local shopping centre? For me, I know I head straight for cheap, young chain stores such a Ally, Valley Girl, Dotti, Jeans West and Just Jeans. If I have a bit more money to spend I'll venture to a few cute boutiques, Sportsgirl and Portmans and that's about it. I avoid super-cheap (read: tacky) stores like Jays-jays and Cotton On and Supre as much as possible. And I definitely walk straight past more 'mature' stores such as Suzzane Grey, Sussan, Katies and Rockmans. I might have to change my tune though. Today, I was on the lookout for a new clutch bag. Since the end of last year I have decided to ditch carrying a giant tote full of my whole life, and my shoulders and back have definitely thanked me, plus I feel a lot less tied down. Its actually strangely freeing.

So I was on the hunt for a new bag and was a bit short on options for bag stores at my closest shopping centre (and I was in a hurry). I ran from Portmans to Strandbags, Witchery and Novo without much luck and then remembered I had been wanting to check out some coloured ponte pants at Sussan that I had seen in a magazine. Now I NEVER even glance into Sussan so when I walked in I was pleasantly surprised. Unlike some of the other shops for that age group (I'm looking at you Suzzanne Grey and Rockmans) that are full of floaty muted pastels and ugly shapes, I saw lots of basic winter separates in rich cobalt blues, and vibrant yellows, an array of gorgeous bright coloured scarves (bright green and white polka dot anyone?!) as well as their signature lux pyjamas and lounge wear. I found a perfect colbalt blue clutch with lots of zippers on sale for $29.95, success. I also bought a gorgeous dark charcoal long dressing gown (so comfy!) and a pair of soft, light grey lounge pants (I have been meaning to get a pair of 'track pants' that are nice enough to wear to pop to the shops or over a friends house on a 'can't be bothered' night). Also worth a honourable mention were the coloured stretch skinny 'jeans' (they weren't denim) that were available in red, bright blue and some other colours.

So I guess I will have to re-assess my opinions on certain shops and remember not to be a store snob. Maybe I'll even have to venture into Jay-jays one of these days!


  1. Well, I guess that was a nice way to find out that you had been shopping based on a bad thought.

    Great job!

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