Change-room horrors

Stores want you to buy their clothes, yes? So it makes sense that for you to buy their clothes, you have to like them, they have to fit and they need to make you look amazing right? Apparently not. The store could have gorgeous displays, bright lighting and great clothes but that wouldn't stop a trip to the change-room to try on your selections sending you running screaming for the closest gym or Jenny Craig. 

Somehow, the instant you step from the main store to the changing rooms, something strange happens to you. Your skin gets pasty and blotchy, the veins in your thighs become magnified by a thousand, and every fold and lump looks obvious enough to be visible from space. It must be something to do with the enclosed space with no light except a few hideous fluro-downlights, or the mirrors everywhere, but I swear it would be enough to make Miranda Kerr suicidal. Thus an outift that would probably look quite acceptable in the normal world makes your look about as attractive as a sack of potatoes. 

I once tried on a nice one-peice black swimsuit (that are supposed to be flattering!) at an unnamed department store (cough-Target) and my thighs looked so disgusting in that lighting I was seriously considering never putting on a pair of swimmers again! The same thing happened to me at Sussan the other day when I was trying on a pair of stretch, coloured, skinny 'jeans'. In that change-room those pants made my stomach look like it was storing enough food that I could survive 10 years without eating again!

I just don't understand why. Why would a business who is trying to sell you things let you look so hideous when you try the said items on! (and yes, it is most definitely their fault, I do not look that bad at home in front of my mirror!). Maybe they just don't have the money or resources to do anything about it, but in my opinion, the expense would well and truly pay for its self with all the extra purchases  they would get if people looked attractive in their clothes! Now I just need to tell someone who cares.


  1. This is a funny observation, Steph. But it nice how you've been able to say it out... I'm sure those store owners are aware and are probably working on it... You never know, right???

    Great post though!

  2. I TOTALLY agree with you mah deah. This is the hardest thing. Especially when you are a) my size b) old.
    The lighting shows up EVERYTHING...especially with surround mirrors, incredibly BRIGHT lighting. This is not only true for the 'chain' stores in the middle range but also for DJs and Myer as well as some boutiques. People are larger these days and some change 'rooms' are nothing more than 1 x 1 mtrs. If the are large then the surround mirrors kick in and the unflattering lights are reflecting every square inch of my unflattering hips and thighs into them. No fun at all. So unless I HAVE to go in them I don't.
    PS: funnily enough Millers have just about the best lighting of all. Go figure.