What I wore - The trans-seasonal skirt

Its 6am as I'm writing this and it's way too warm for this time of day. This last week I have had to ditch my winter dressing gown for my light cotton short-sleeved one. Its only half-way through spring and already we are getting 30'c days. But the weather can still be unpredictable. That's why trans-seasonal dressing is so important at the moment, and so difficult! That's why I love this outfit. The skirt is long enough to offer a little coverage but is made of a very light fabric so still keeps you cool on warmer days. The jacket has moved out of winter and into spring by teaming it which this outfit rather then the jeans and boots I teamed it with all winter.  Soon I will  be ditching the jacket, switching the 3/4 sleeved top to a singlet and trading the ballet flats for strapy sandals or wedges. Just like last year. I love an item that can so easily take you through different seasons and different occasions.

White 3/4-sleeved top, skinny blue-suede belt, beaded necklaces, orange pleated skirt, pink-suede ballet-flats

Add a tan-suede biker style jacket for extra warmth and a bit of edginess

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  1. Gorgeous trans-seasonal skirt... Like the look very much. Specially red trans-seasonal skirt and white t-shirt. Amazing outfit. You are such a genius in producing various unique ideas about how to combine different dresses perfectly. Thank you very much Steph for sharing with us this kind of informative blog.