The go-to dress

I was chatting with a guy from work at my Christmas party about the dress I was wearing (poor guy, how'd he get dragged into that!) and he commented that his sister often tried on a lot of outfits trying to get ready for a night out but when nothing was working she at least always had her go-to dress to fall back on. Slightly distracted by the fact that a straight male was actually having a conversation with me about women's fashion, I laughed at him then asked him to elaborate. Turns out his sisters idea is true, I had just never thought of it that way.

We all need that little dress in our wardrobe that will work when we have 'nothing to wear!'. Not too casual and not too dressy, the go-too dress can take you anywhere and always looks great doing it. Simply change your accessories, shoes, hair and makeup to change your look to suit the occasion and you'll fit in anywhere.

I have just re-discovered a dress that had been buried in the back of my wardrobe and it has immediately become my go-to dress. In fact I have already worn it 3 times in 2 weeks and have felt great in it every time. So when everything in your wardrobe makes you look like a bag lady don't go to the shops, go to your go-to dress.


  1. absolutely true! and how often do we 'go-to' the clothes that 'attract' us. There is somehting about them that grabs our emotions and the rest just hang there week in week out.
    Great post Bep.

  2. Yup, so very true, I have a couple of "go to dresses" very fortunate