One skirt, four ways

What do you have nothing to wear but can’t really
afford to buy new clothes? My advice, step away for the shopping center, put down your wallet and have another look in your wardrobe.
The key when creating your wardrobe is to buy pieces in neutral colours that can be worn in various ways. That way you can use one item to create multiple looks. This may take some time and creativity but that’s part of the fun of fashion.
I have a long stretch black flowy skirt that has a band
that folds over at the top. Because of the stretchy nature, it can be worn in many positions, across the ribs, at waist height, on the hips or even as a strapless dress. This makes it extremely versatile and it is always fun making up new combinations of pieces and different ways to wear them. My favorite way to wear it is with a cami tucked in and belted at the waist. I also recently knotted the bottom of the skirt to add interest. This season, maxi skirts are hot so I will also be wearing it lower on the hips maybe even with a baggier knit over the top.
So by looking in my wardrobe, I have created 4 new outfits all without a shopping trip, or a guilt trip.


  1. another fab post...such great ideas too. Love this...the Intimo LBD skirt was great for this idea too. I am so into not going down to the shops so far this year. I get sucked in and I truly have enough clothes in my wardrobe.

  2. I'm the same Tricia. I bought some clothes last week and That's It! No more pullleeeze lol... I love the new layout Steph, great background and font. Terrific ideas, love the strapless look and that pink belt adds colour.

  3. What a pretty look!!!!!!!!!!!! You are looking pompous in these incomparable outfits. Your blogs are always very helpful in the sector of acquiring several important ideas about fascinating fashion and style. Thank you very much for sharing this kind of informative blog with us.