My winter MVP's

Yesterday was the first day of winter. Granted, I do live in Brisbane, sunny Queensland, Australia so its not exactly snow season but I still get cold!! And my thigh-length, flippy summer dresses just won't cut it anymore. Because of our short and not-that-cold winter, its a waste of money to splash out on heaps and heaps of cold-weather clothes. So instead, I always make sure I have a few basic essential-pieces on high-rotation to get me through the season. These are my winter most valuable players:

And more boots! These are my essential for getting me through the cooler months. I wear them anywhere and with everything. I make sure I at least have a flat, knee high pair and a dressier, high-heeled knee high style. Also good to have is a pair of low-heeled ankle boots for day and a night-worthy heeled ankle-boot or shoe-boot.

Winter dresses
I'm a fan of dresses year round. One item and the outfit is done, what can be better than that? In winter, my go-to dresses are anything that can be warmed up with tights, boots and a blazer or coat. My favs are t-shirt and sweater dresses (preferably long sleeved for extra warmth) and tunic dresses that can be layered with long sleeved t-shirts.

Black Blazer
A great fitting, cropped black blazer goes with everything, in any season. Invest in a quality one and you will wear it forever. My current blazer has a slight sheen on the lapels and and great pointed shape at the front making it dressy enough to wear for evening as well as business.

'Leather' biker jacket
This is a must have for casual winter-wear. Throw it over a dress for extra warmth during the day or toughen up a tee, jeans and boots combo. I find that because you are generally wearing this over basic items such as jeans and tees, you can get away with experimenting with something other than black if you wish. I have a super-pale pink one and its super versatile.

Skinny dark jeans
Jeans are a staple in most people's wardrobes but for me, I love dresses so much that I generally only wear jeans when its too cold to wear anything else! I find that a super-dark skinny jean is the easiest style to dress up and down. I mainly pair mine with knee-high boots and my leather jacket. Or for a dressier look, team with high-heeled pumps, a dressy top and a black blazer.

Statement jewelry
When I wear jeans, boots and a jacket day in day out, I start to feel a little boring and frumpy. To combat this, I dress up that 'same old' item with statement jewelery. I love a bold pair of chandelier or drop earrings, long charm necklaces and statement rings (the big, the bolder, the better!). I am not a big necklace person so I tend to go for long styles that draw attention away from my neck area but for those that can pull off shorter styles, big statement neck pieces look great and can really dress up an outfit. Also great are scarves but again, I find it hard to make them work for me. They look great on other people though. My eldest sister is the scarf queen and she makes them look amazing.

These are the essential pieces that get me through the cooler months. What are your winter must haves?


  1. I love the leather biker jacket!

  2. Great post. Essential wardrobe staples! xA

  3. love the blazer and biker jackets!xo

  4. love the jeans./ just don't seem to have many dresses this season> and i need some of those boots. great blog

  5. I totally love the black blazer and the jeans and love your blog!