Man up will you?

I don't know about you but I just can't get into men's fashion trends over the last few years. It has taken me years to get my tradie husband out of his baggy jeans and skater shoes and into slim-fit tees and fitted jeans. But he draws the line at deep v-necks and skin-tight denim short frayed above the knees. And I totally support his decision. It's one thing to rock a little 'metro' styling but its a whole new story when when their clothes look more feminine then mine. A man should look manly not like he borrowed his girlfriends clothes and I don't know about you but when a guy's skinny-jeans are tighter then mine, all possible attraction dies instantly. There are a special few that can rock such feminine items as the 'man scarf' (mainly British celebrities, I'm looking at you David Beckham and Jude law) but that's mainly because they are so rich and gorgeous, women would fall all over themselves if they were wearing a garbage bag.

So what happened to men being men? As I said, I am all for a bit of style and more fitted, fashionable clothes but surely there is a line. And in my opinion, 90% of men's clothes in stores and on the catwalk are crossing it.

That's sexy
That's not
Mmm, you can pull off anything when you look like this!


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  2. I totally agree with u! Congrats on your husband's new look! :) xoxo