The anti 'classic' wardrobe - Wardrobe essential? Not for me.

I have spoken before about 'the classics'. Essential pieces that 'fashionistas' are always telling us we need. I don't know why, maybe I'm not stylish enough, or old enough or just doing it wrong but these pieces never work for me. I have a great classic white shirt. Since I stopped working in a corporate office? I haven't worn it more than twice in as many years. Tailored black pants? Ditto. Boot-cut jeans? Can't stand them. (It may be my body shape but I don't get how people can think normal jeans are comfortable, they are like torture to me. That's why I am so in love with my jeggings but more about that later).

A few years ago I did what I thought was a sensible, fashionably mature thing to do. I bought a lovely neutral trench coat. I really liked it and thought it was a great investment piece I'd have for years. I was right, I have had it for years. And hardly ever worn it. I don't think I get the point of a trench coat. They generally aren't very warm so don't work for serious coat weather and I think they look silly as a light trans-seasonal coverup as they are so long and serious. Wouldn't a cropped blazer, cute cardigan or denim jacket look more appropriate and just generally cuter?

When I first bought it, I loved it so much and didn't see the point of only wearing it from home to the work foyer that I convinced myself it wasn't outerwear, it was part of my outfit and as such I could keep it on all day. So I did. I wore it buttoned all the way up over jeans for casual Friday at the law firm I worked at. I remember one of the partners giving me a strange look as he asked, "Isn't that for outside". "No", I responded with all the self-assuredness of an eighteen year old who thinks she knows everything "It's part of my outfit!". But after constant comments all day (a lot coming form young, well-dressed females who really did know what they were talking about) I realised they were probably right, I did look ridiculous.

So, from that day forward, my classic, wardrobe-staple trench has sat in my cupboard only to be allowed out occasionally for a few minutes over a dress, from car to resturant. And I think a blazer would have looked better.

Question of the day: "Do you have an item of clothing you thought you should buy and then have never worn? What 'classics' do you think should be scratched off the list?"

They always look so go on the runway and in magazines


  1. i think tailored white blouse should be scratched off the list. i can never seem to where them properly and they always need ironing.

  2. Great inspiring pictures.
    That happens to me all the time, I buy something and then never wear it, I have to stop doing that :D

    1. Yeah, I try to only buy things i REALLY love now to avoid that! Thanks so much for your comment. I have followed your page, would love you to follow me too :)

  3. I say scratch the lbd for evening wear. Black only looks good on some and makes the rest of us look washed out and not our best. How many times have you been to a party or wedding and there is a sea of women dressed in black? I say a an evening frock in a bright shade such as red or a clear blue always looks amazing and sets a fun mood as well as standing out in the crowd.

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