The downside of being a fashionista with too many clothes

There is a task all fashionistas must get around to eventually. Cleaning out the wardrobe. Or in my case a double clothes rack, a chest of drawers, 2 suitcases and half of my husband's hanging space. So you can see why it's not my favourite task. Still, I try to do this at least twice a year and at this time of year it makes perfect sense. The seasons are changing and with it the weather. It is no longer comfortable to get around in a thigh grazing sundress and beaded sandals at 7pm. And as those suitcases contain my winter clothing, stashed during the warmer months, I need to sort out my currently displayed floaty dresses and shorts (contained on my rack and in my chest of drawers) to make way for blazers and jeans.

So where to start? Let's start at the beginning, a very good place to...ahem. Sorry Julie Andrews, there's too much sorting to do. So, I just dumped the contents of my drawers onto the floor. I then sorted the clothes into 5 piles; 1)Keep 2)Keep but not for the public eye (ie gym clothes, pjs, singlet tops to slop around the house in), 3)Get rid of, 4)Store for next summer and 5)Wash then keep. I then went through my clothes racks, suitcases etc sorting them into the same piles. Once finished, I put my summer clothes and other items to keep but not for daily use (ie formal dresses) back into the suitcase for storage. I then put all the 'to wash' clothes in the machine including all those that had been stored over summer to freshen them up. I sorted the 'get rid of' pile into those to throw in the bin and those to bag to give away either to friends or lifeline. 

When all those piles were out of the way and I could see most of my floor again, I got to the important (and largest pile). To keep. I folded the basics; singlet tops, long sleeve t-shirts, leggings and work pants and stored those in the chest of drawers along with the 'not fit for public pile'. I then put all the items I wanted on display on hangers and hung them on my clothes rail with pants, tops, skirts and dresses grouped together. 

It now feels cleaner and more organised and by going through my clothes I have re-discovered some buried items and have some fresh ideas on how to wear them. So look out for some revamped outfit pics coming soon!



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