Bye bye black, hello colour!

The unthinkable has happened. I think I must have amnesia. Or a new personality. Gone is my urge to try on and buy everything black, white, grey and denim. Instead, I now walk past anything that isn't a solid jewel tone. Hooray! Colour has arrived! The fashion world has finally decided to let us be bright and colourful and fun! In the past I really wanted to buy something that wasn't BLACK but I honestly couldn't find any colour in stores that wasn't red or aubergine. Yuck, they don't count as brights, just are just different versions of neural in my opinion (probably because I'm not very fond of either colour).

But with colour blocking on trend this season, I have managed to buy lots of gorgeous brightly coloured pieces of clothing and shoes (oh the shoes!). I will post my various coloured outfits bit by bit or you may all have colour overload and go have an fit from all the flashing colours!

I have had a lot of fun mixing, matching and clashing my outfits and I think I've had pretty good results (most of the time). And as I have so many neutrals in my wardrobe already, I have lots of basics to pair my new flashes of colour with!

This outfit is one of my favorites. Especially the shoes (shooooeessss!!). I have also paired this skirt and shoe combo with a royal blue top and it looked great.

So keep an eye out of my colourful posts (you won't be able to miss them if you try!)
And, welcome to summer :)

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  1. oh I love your new page layout and great to see you posting again! Keep it it.