The non-classic classics

You would be hard pressed to open a fashion magazine or read an interview with some sort of 'fashion authority' without hearing that worn out phrase 'fashion classics'. Generally these include; Boot Cut Jeans, Crisp White Shirt, LBD and in recent seasons the Black Leather Jacket.
BORING. Yes they have their place but a) we already know, you've told us a thousand times and b) so does every other woman on the planet and we don't want to look like clones!

The solution? The non-classic classic. How about slim black pants or skinny cargos instead of blue jeans, a little royal-blue or red dress instead of black (again), and ANYTHING in the place a crisp white shirt! (Which by the way, is an oxymoron in itself. How long does a Crisp White Shirt actually stay crisp after you put in on? All of about 5 seconds!)

The point is, I think people should start to use their imagination a little and step out of their comfort zone. Fashion is nothing if not for fun! I myself have to work at doing this as it is so easy and comfortable to stick with basic black and grey, and jeans and t-shirts. Last winter I was looking for a leather bomber jacket to be my new fashion go-to. I was planning on doing the sensible thing and buying a black one that would go with everything but when I set eyes on a pale-pink cropped leather jacket, all sensibilities flew on the window and I knew I MUST have it! So I bought it and wore and it and loved it but would only wear it in with outfits specially designed around the jacket (read: boring denim and black).

The beginning of this season as I started looking for winter options, I found myself wishing that I had bought a black jacket instead that would be more versatile and I could just throw over anything. Then I thought to myself, suck it up, you've paid good money for this jacket and you love it, stop being such a fashion scardey cat and just wear it! I so I have. I have worn it over a blue and green floral print dress, blue tops and lots of things i 'shouldn't' and its looked great. Or so I thought, and mine's the only opinion that really matters anyway!

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