Fashion cleverly disguised as homewares?

Now that I have bought a house I am getting more and more interested in interior decorating. Hey, any excuse to shop for pretty things is ok by me!

In my new house I have decided to go for bright accents of fuchsia, aqua, orange and lime as a pop against my neutral couches and reddish-brown timber furniture with splashes of white and black to anchor the look. While I know in my head what I want, limitations such as money (I just bought a house after all!) and the ability to actually find the right things in the shops (oh the inrony - you always find great things when you're not looking for them but never when you are!) seem to get in the way.

But this afternoon as I was staring at a large clear-glass vase wondering what coloured things I had to put in it, inspiration struck. Where does fashion really stop and homewares begin? Who says you can't use that necklace as a bracelet, your skirt as a top or a pasmina as a couch throw?
Thus begun my fusion of accessories with homewears.
I drapped a coloured scarf inside that empty glass jar and voila, I now have a brightly coloured centerpiece that perfectly sets off the coloured glass tealight holders I have arranged on my coffee table. I also wrapped a smaller dip dyed crepe scarf around a large white bulb-shaped vase as a centerpiece for my dinning table. Now off I go to raid my jewelry box and wardrobe for other sources of decorations. Who said fashion can't be art!


  1. great rap Steph. Always love your blogs...only thing is...I want MORE of them. X