Can you teach an 'old' guy new style?

I've talked before about how guys don't 'get' fashion. This is particularly true in my workplace. I work for a manufacturing company and the guys there feel the same about fashion as I do about the knowing the inner workings of a car engine; couldn't give a rats and think even less of those that do. For example, at our last Christmas party, the invite said smart casual. The executive assistant who had planned it was wearing a LBD, a sparkly pink cardigan and heels. The factory guys were wearing stained boardshorts and ripped t-shirts, and not in a 'I'm a rocker, its on purpose' way. We were lucky they had gone home to shower first (and I'm not even too sure about that!).

This is the kind of environment I find myself in on a daily basis, trying to look half decent. I really don't know why I bother. Back before we had uniforms, I once wore a pleated shirt dress that was belted under the bust. I was told I looked pregnant. Another time I wore a long black stretchy skirt with point-toed ankle boots (I have to wear completely closed-in shoes for OH&S) with my black work shirt and apparently this made me closely resemble a witch. Awesome. But the best call ever would have to be the other week when I went to work on a Monday morning with a little bit of pink Color Bug still in my hair from Saturday night. You would have thought I'd grown another head overnight from the looks I got! The best comments? "Is that for charity?" closely followed by "did you do that on purpose?". No actually I didn't. I just woke up this morning and my hair was pink, ahhh how did that happen?!

So if guys like that so obviously don't get it, can they or will they ever care? Will they ever know the difference between a pump and a peep toe? Will they evsen know what a peep-toe is? Back when we first met, Mr 'Fashion according to Steph' used to be one of those males that calls dresses skirts. Nowadays he has become fluent in fashion simply by osmosis. (Sort of the same as how I now know things about cars I really wish I didn't!)

This afternoon he asked me to meet him at his sister's house for dinner straight from work and said he would bring me some clothes. This same situation happened when we were first married and I ended up with a very tight, much too short denim mini skirt that I hadn't fit in months. So I was a bit worried about what he was going to bring until I got a call saying he'd grabbed my black and white print playsuit, was that ok.

I hung up the phone and laughed out loud at the fact that I had a husband that knew what a playsuit was! And remembered that he has told me the other day that he say a lady in the city wearing Louboutins and he knew this from the red sole!

So maybe you can't teach a old dog new tricks, but you can teach a man a thing or two about fashion if he hangs around long enough. I just hope this doesn't mean he expect me to learn how to change a tyre!


  1. Ha ha ha this post is great! I get the questions at work ALL the time from male co-workers. The witch must be a common one when you wear all black! I get it a lot!
    Your husband is a clever lad though! Remembering Laboutins he he he xox

  2. thats such a great read steph love it!!!

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    I followed you, please follow me back :)

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