A room for my clothes

Last year we bought a house. Just a cute little thing in the suburbs, nothing fancy but it has four (albeit small) bedrooms. There is only my husband and I, so after a master bedroom a guest room and an office, what do you do with the spare room? Make it a walk in wardrobe of course (duh!) for the past year it has consisted of a chest of drawers and a Kmart clothes rail but this is all about to change. We have started painting and my dressing room is next. How exciting! I am planning on having a feature wall of deep pink and white wide stripes and keeping the rest of the room classic with white and maybe a few pink accessories thrown in for good measure (you can never have too much pink, just ask Barbie!). This is my mood board so far. I will post more pics as the painting and decorating begins!

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  1. How did you get these pages from Pinterest to Blogger?
    Looks very pretty and PINK!