Cracking the (dress) code - what to wear to: a wedding

So you have to go to a wedding and you are wondering what to wear. "Oh, I know" you think smugly to yourself "I'll just wear a dress. One item of clothing, Easy. Done. Right?" WRONG. Have you BEEN dress shopping lately?

The choices fall into 3 categories: A] Ball-gowns and wedding dress (best not to look like you're trying to upstage the bride dear) B] Casual summer dresses, either hippie maxis or cotton sundresses (jeans would look formal next to these, maybe not the look you were going for) OR C] Butt-flashing, shiny, garish clubbing dresses. Hmm, options not looking quite so hot anymore.

Thus my dilemma when looking for an outfit for my sister-in-laws wedding. I spent an hour in a dress shop trying on everything in sight. Every dress failed miserably. Too much white - can't upstage the bride. Too much black - this is not a funeral. Too much knicker-flashing action - Grandma will be there, have some respect (and some class!). Too much crushed taffeta and teal - this is a not a prom, leave that to the bridesmaids. Hmm, no more dresses in the shop. Fail. Back to square one.

Slightly disheartened and annoyed that my shopping prowess couldn't unearth even ONE gem in that hideous shop, I rallied and moved on. One step through the next shop-door and there it was. THE ONE. Love at first sight, marry me now. Just please PLEASE don't be $300! Check price tag - $79, do-able. DONE! And what was it that had me reaching for my wallet without a doubt in my mind that this was THE dress before I had even tried it on? The magic dress, wrap twist dress, convertible dress... call it what you will its pure-genius. A stretch jersey, knee length floaty skirt with two giant triangle pieces on top to do with what you see fit. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen? Well with a bit of practice and imagination (and a quick search on youtube) you can have dozens of dress options at your fingertips, all without a degree in origami. The best part is that I had another wedding to go to a couple of weeks later and I knew that, with a different type of wrap and a change of shoes and hairstyle, I would have a completely different outfit all without spending another cent or another torturous afternoon scouring the shops! I've definitely found my dream dress. I think we will be very happy together.


  1. WhooHoo!!!! your'e back!
    Love, love, love your blog Steph, and I want MORE. :-)
    Had a smile on my face the whole way through. You made me smile and giggle. Thank you. XX

  2. great blog. so true about the dresses. unless you go to Myer and spend $300. remember how many dresses i bought for my birthday? I think you did amazing with one dress and under $100.

    1. Your dress was gorgeous in the end Charein but I know how much trouble you had finding one! There just into much around. I am very happy with the dress. I think I will get heaps of wear out of it!

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