When I grow up....

There’s an advertising rep for a radio station that keeps popping in to our office and trying to convince us to buy ads. She is officially my new girl crush. She always looks perfectly polished in wide leg high waisted tailored grey pants and feminine but polished floaty tops and blouses teamed with sky high heels, a slicked back bun and flawless makeup. She’s the ultimate career barbie. She looks perfect and untouchable but at the same time friendly and approachable. I wanna be her!
You know the funniest thing though, when I mentioned it to the guys at work, they all said they weren’t that impressed by her. This once again shows just how differently men and women perceive attractiveness. I don’t care though, I still want to dress like her when I grow up!


  1. haha...you are already grown up Steph! :-))
    love ya just the way you are...and btw, YOU in high waisted, wide leg pants?? That would be my dream. hehe

  2. When I worked in a CBD office, I used to love the marketing reps coming in - they always had such style, and wore everything with flair.
    And yes, the guys in the office weren't ever into it, it's odd how girls appreciate fashion differently!

  3. Thank Katy, its so true, Guys just don't get it sometimes!

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