It's cold outside but the fashion is hot baby!

Firstly I must apologise for not writing in almost 6 months! I wanted to but every time I went to think of a topic it escaped me. I wanted to write something positive about a new outfit or new fashion I had found but I was short of inspiration. Probably because I had been wearing summer clothes for multiple months and was over the look. I am not a winter person, I hate the cold (then again, I hate the summer heat so I really can't win!) but around March I always find myself counting down to when the temperature drops and I can test-drive the new season fashion. And that time is finally here!!

Often it is hard to figure out what the theme is for a season but this season there are some very strong themes coming through and when I say strong I mean that you can't walk 10 paces in a shopping center without colliding with one. The good thing is that there are quite a few varied styles which means there is something for everyone. Here are what I have observed as a few of the key themes this winter.

OMG, the shoulder is out there this season. And in so many different variations. It really doesn't matter how you do it, just show off those shoulders baby! Don't freak out but yes, shoulder pads are back! But rather than in a scary 80's power suit way, these shoulders are generally found on fitted cropped jackets or tops and in waist cinching shapes. This means that the slightly bigger shoulder is actually flattering as it draws the eye out and then there is so much further for the eye to come back in to your cinched in waist making your waist actually looks smaller! There is also a lot more sculpture in the shoulders giving off a real arty vibe rather than 'excuse me but do you have a growth on your shoulder?'

The other way shoulders are being falunted this season is with embellishments, mainly military style. Shoulders are covered with chains, zips and buttons but also pearls, beads, sequins, feathers and pretty much every other imaginable thing that can be used to draw attention to your shoulders. And these features are found on dresses, jackets, t-shirts, singlet tops you name it, it's got it! Again, anything that draws attention to your shoulders and away for your hips is a good thing, right?

Stripes are back and in a very cute Parisian way. Think large bands of black and white across cute fitted tees, long sleeve tees and fitted t-shirt dresses perfect for layering with tights ballet flats and a leather jacket to toughen it up.

Bows are everywhere but in in a sightly less 'I'm so cute and innocent' way. There are a a lot of cut outs joined by bows made out of the same fabric and funky bow designs on tees. You will be hard pressed to find something in a shop without bows.

If there is one thing you need to by this season its a great jacket. As I discovered last winter after a few years of being bored out of my brain wearing long sleeve tees and jeans, jackets are a great way to spice up any winter outfit. And there are so many different styles in fashion this season that you could change your look everyday of the week if you wanted just by adding a different jacket. Leather jackets are HUGE and come in multiple styles such as cropped, bomber, three quarter sleeved or edgy with sharp shoulders (see, I told you its all about the shoulder!) and add an instant edge to any outfit. I love the look of a pretty lace dress toughened up with a leather jacket, tights and ankle boots.

Also big with jackets this season are military styles with multiple embellishments such as buttons, chains and metal; Romantic, think neutral pinks and lace; and tailored blazers. I found a great black fitted black blazer at Ally earlier this season (pictured). It has an almost satin sheen to it and is a tuxedo jacket style, cropped at the back with points at the front. It also has very light shoulder padding, giving it that little extra detail. Its a great jacket to dress up any outfit.

Don't freak out too much, but leather is a huge trend this season. Just about every item of clothing (even the ones that shouldn't be) are available in leather. Of course there are the great jackets mentioned above but I have also seen leather skirts of varying lengths including some pretty cool bandage style ones; leather dresses and even leather tops. The safest and coolest way to wear leather is in a great jacket but feel free to try out the other styles... if you dare (and preferably if you are under 25 and a size 8!)

Boots, boots, boots! You can't have winter fashion without boots. Last year knee high were the biggest style with ankle boots making an appearance as well but this season its all about the ankle boot, shoe boot and gasp, thigh high boot!
Ankle boots and shoe boots (also know as shoots, which for those not in the know are a very low boot just going to the ankle, not much higher than a shoe) are great for toughening up a pretty look to make it a little edgier. They look great with skinny jeans tucked into them and also over black opaque stockings with a fitted dress.

Thigh high boots are a little more out there and not for the faint hearted but if done right, look amazing.

In seeming contradiction to all the leather and tough boots there is also a lot of lace and neutral beige-pink around this season. The key to blending it with the other looks is to make the lace tough with the leather and boots rather than wearing it on its own. Its a great look to layer and layering is your best friend in winter.

The Multitakers
Then there are the really clever items that combine multiple trends in one. For example, last week at Bardot I saw a black and white t-shirt dress with cut-out sections in the back kept together with fabric bows, and ruched puffy sleeves. Three trends in one - how clever.
I also spotted a gorgeous leather jacket in a neutral pink with sharp shoulders. So don't think you have to get a whole new wardrobe to try out all the new trends. Multitasking is in!


  1. Cute post Steph! I got a cuppa, then sat down to read your blog. Funny, informative and educational (for an oldie like me :-) If you have time, re-read as you've left some letters out here and there.
    A really good read...keep going and don't let me wait so long again for the next blog. X0

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