This seasons only wearable caftan

I finally found what I thought was the impossible, a caftan that didn't instantly make you look huge or three seasons behind the fashion!
And guess what, it is blessedly void of any sequins, beading or embroidery, oh miracle!
And at only $49.99 is one of the cheapest I have seen.
Comes in pale blue (a little nightie looking if you ask me), royal blue, white or black (though I think black is a little dark for the beach??)
Get yourself to Miss Shop @ Myer, pronto!


  1. A pic of last. Great work Steph.

  2. hey luv like your blog! how do i look at your first one??

  3. Ton, go to blog archive on the right hand side. Also you can join by following.

  4. Was in Miss Shop y/day and NOTHING! Nothing in the whole of Myer either. What em I to dooo?? Back to what I already have in the cupbd. oh woe is me.

  5. Fashionista...I love your new header! did you do that?