Oh maxi dress, my faith in you is restored!

Since the maxi dress became 'huge' (literally and figuratively) last season, the trend has been going downhill - fast, at least in my eyes.

The retail world and general public obviously disagree. In fact, you can hardly find a store these days that stocks a dress that doesn't either flash your knickers to the world (micro mini) or become a makeshift street sweeper without your consent (maxi).

However like all trends that finally make it to the masses, after a season or two it has been interpreted in so many ways and so many 'cheap and cheerful' (read: just cheap) fabrics and styles it becomes totally overdone.

Such is the current situation and the reason that, despite loving my maxi dress last year, I now recoil whenever I see ANOTHER ONE one in a store or, gasp, on an actual person!

Sorry to those that are still wearing said dresses, but unless it is a very rare and tasteful maxi (these are usually lovely evening dresses that because they are floor length get tainted with the 'maxi' brush), I always feel that people wearing them look worse then unstylish, they look unimaginative and they never seem to match the dress code, whatever it is.

Today however, the impossible was realised, I found the last remaining fashionable maxi dress! It is from Idego (who coincidently are having a sale, you should get yourself there pronto) and is a white, grey and black abstract print. The thing that sets it apart from the 50 billion other maxi dresses out there is the style of the top. Instead of the masses of shirred strapless, triangle or halter neck varieties available, this is racer-back with thick straps. The racer part is open in the middle and buttons together at the back of the neck. Simple, stylish and best of all, different.

So don't mock me and my maxi, we'll be at every party this season.


  1. OH MY!!!
    You are an author! What an absolutely FUN read this is! Keep going, going and going!
    Now for some pics to go along with the story and you will hit the headlines!
    Why marketing? You should become a journalist instead.
    Well done.

  2. i LOVE it. u r fun and a great writer. had me all going that all was bad and then gave it hope at the end. fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love charein

  3. I enjoyed this so much I can't wait for the next installment! Keep it up :-) xxx Hillie